2 comments on “Are You Lost on #SocialMedia (even with the tools)?

  1. Till now I haven’t used any social media tool to find the directions or a place while I was traveling. I was not even thinking about it before, even if I had a thought of using it to find a new place in the future, I will entirely scrap it out of my mind and use local guides to find the place. Thanks for your advice.


    • Hey Sathish, you should really give it a shot one day! It can be very useful as social tools such as Foursquare has helped me in many ways especially when I’m trying to locate a diner or restaurant nearby. There are days where it decides to act up like mine with Google Maps but there are also days where it’s brilliant.
      Of course, having the local guide at reach will be a good way to stay on track just in case. Same goes to marketing / branding on social media. You may have all the tools to make it work but when it fails, it is always good to have a ‘local guide’ to keep you on track.
      Thanks for sharing your experience, Sathish! :)

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