6 comments on “#SocialMedia Lessons from My Visit to @StarbucksMY

  1. To be completely honest, I think I would have been impressed and shocked at the same time. The personal touches like this are almost gone in today’s society. It’s pretty sad.

    I have seen other posts that describe similar situations: @pushingsocial once told a tale of a man being able to order his ‘usual’ in a diner… @closetwriter once described that she was sending ‘thank you’ cards to her clients all day… we’ve lost a few touches over time. People still appreciate these things.

    That’s a great list, Jan. (And I appreciate the quote!) Keep up the great work!

    • This only shows that personalization is still highly valued in our community today! In fact, I think that social media tools may have watered it down as businesses may think that it’s a replacement. It’s very sad to see businesses moving away from that ‘touch’ indeed.
      Thanks for dropping by, Brandon! It is definitely good to see you in here and thank you for the kind words. The quote is great! I think it is very relevant with the article. Thanks for sharing it with me :)

  2. I was reminded of your post while I was out at one of my local haunts this evening.
    Usually the service is incredibly, they’re friendly, they’re warm, they’re approachable, they go the extra mile, if they make a mistake, they don’t just fix the mistake, they fix the experience.

    Tonight they were training new guy “Alexander the Great” his name said. I was chatting with him at the counter (It seemed like his first night, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was nervous)

    But the whole time I was chatting, I was thinking “come on, take it a step further, I’m not just a customer, I’m a human, stop serving me and just engage”

    I make a point to answer every blog comment. To try and engage with every twitter follower, to say “g’day” to every facebook connection, and treat them as humans, not just a list.

    Great post Jan!

    • Hi Kiera, it’s great to see that there still are businesses out there that takes the effort to engage with their customers. I like what you mentioned – to fix the experience. I think that’s definitely THE way to make things ‘right’ with the customer and in most cases, that determines whether you’ve converted a customer into a recurring one. (i think it sparked a new topic to write about in my head! :))

      Perhaps he was nervous, just like how most people are on social networks for the first time. They’re trying their very best to not make mistakes and I agree with you – sometimes the customers want something beyond a mere ‘perfect’ service. Engagement is usually key in making an experience memorable.

      That’s a great thing you’re doing, Kiera. I too try my very fast to engage with every Twitter follower as much as possible to keep myself ‘human’. I personally believe a random ‘hello’ can go a long way, especially at times when I’m a little too engrossed in sharing and retweeting content.

      Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by, Kiera. It’s a very pleasant surprise and I’m glad :)

  3. now thats one of the reason why Starbucks pop’s up on my mind first before any other. Business needs personal touch to consumers nowadays.

    • Starbucks is indeed doing it right and we definitely need more of these around. Personalization works wonders and in most situations it does not cost extra. Thanks for sharing your experience, Shannon :)

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