2 comments on “Social is the New ‘E’

  1. This is very interesting Jan. It is so true how Social has become the new ‘E’. I never really thought of that, but it is interesting to see how Internet has change so much in the past few years. Imagine where it will be in a few years. One can only wait and see the evolution take place :)

    • Hey Firas, glad that the post resonates with you! The internet has indeed changed how we live and communicate. At one point of time, each and every ‘E’ felt like that was the pinnacle of technology and whammm, you get new ‘things’ like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and it has never been the same again. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time to see how it will evolve to be. The good thing is that we’ve seen how it was before, today and will be witnessing the tomorrow ;)

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