8 comments on “How to: Integrate Social Media in Business Using Twitter (Part 2)

  1. Its funny because I sent digi a tweet and they didn’t bother to reply me as well. Bad marketing perhaps? I was clearly interested in getting an iphone 4 but no replies makes me questions their marketing on twitter. I tested a few companies on twitter. 3 that I am most impressed are
    1) Air Asia
    2) MAS
    3) Tune
    I travel a lot so its a great thing that they are replying to help.

    • Hey Aaron, wow, that’s pretty strange as I went asking around and chatting up people and found that DiGi was one of those that actually respond and listens to conversations. Seems like they are very inconsistent on their social media efforts.

      As for Air Asia, i heard that their Facebook page performs better while Twitter can be ‘abandoned’ at times, although Tony Fernandez makes up for that pretty well. Hmm.. looks like Malaysia still need to buck up on social media efforts.

      I was looking high and low for someone performing like Coffee Groundz but yet to find anything.
      Thanks for the additional insights! They are very, very valuable :)

      • Indeed Air Asia is doing a great job on facebook. I don’t think anyone can beat them on facebook customer service.They check and respond to all the comments every 1 hours to 2 hours max.

        While MAS really have a tough time on their page. They usually reply every 10 -12 hours and only selected people. Its really disappointing.

        • Oh! i forgot to add, I think people are connecting with the wrong Air Asia customer service, people should contact their customer service twitter account and not the main one if they want a faster reply on their comment. I contacted their customer service account.

          As for coffee groundz, I don’t think anyone can beat them yet. Maybe in the future? :)

          • Ah, maybe that’s why! Thanks for the tip! I’m assuming that the customer service twitter account you mentioned is @askairasia? My guess is that the same team managing the Facebook page manages @askairasia too, hence the quick response time.

            Strange enough, they actually do not provide a link to the customer service account on AirAsia.com and interestingly, the number of followers is no where near the main account (@AirAsia) despite it’s good service – looks like the consumers are more tuned in to offers and discounts. That’s sad to hear about MAS. The turnaround time is long enough and it’s only for selected people? I wonder where they are getting to.

            And yes, I would love to see somebody running a concept similar to coffee groundz here in Malaysia. If there is, they already have a customer here! :)

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