5 comments on “Will Social Media Remain Relevant 10 Years Down The Line?

  1. Will social media remain in the next 10 years? I am not sure about it. But human relationship always remain no matter how many years. Social media is about human relationship. Who knows we will have a new buzzword or new “social media” to replace old “social media”? But I am sure human relationship is the thing that we should focus.

    Even without social media, we still need to build human relationship online in different way! :)

    • That’s very true. After all, today’s ‘social media’ came about because humans wanting to bridge communications and relationship building will definitely stay. However, I think the question is whether humans would think all these ‘relationship building’ on technology is too much to handle (with privacy issues and such) and is wanting to hold back. I guess only time will tell :)

  2. Thomas ten Hacken on - Reply

    I think ‘social media’ are not social at all, they create an egocentric online world which is all based on self-enrichment. When I scroll through my timeline on Facebook, everybody is posting pictures of having a good time traveling and partying. With this, we tend to create a certain jealousy. It is all about getting ‘likes’ and recognition from fellow friend and people. Eventually, the social part will disappear (what in my eyes already happened) and it will be all about you.

    This is the reason why I think that the current form of social media will disappear. Honestly, at this moment I cannot even imagine this myself. But we will reach a point that is going to change everything, and will recreate the social media that we know today.

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