4 comments on “What Twitter Tools Do You Use?

  1. I use LinkReduce, http://linkreduce.com to pull tweets that have a link. From there I can filter out the user or urls that I don’t want to see. For example, I don’t use foursquare so I don’t really want to see tweets that are about foursquare.

    • Oh wow, I didn’t know there is an application like that available. The idea of hiding foursquare is pretty neat especially if all your friends are constantly updating there whereabouts all day long. Thanks for the tip, Nate! What other links do you usually use LinkReduce for? :)

  2. I mostly use the online application HootSuite, but have tried TweetDeck in the past.

    I’ll have to take a closer look at su.pr as submitting to both Twitter and StumbleUpon can be very beneficial.

    • Hey Paul, thanks for sharing your experience with Twitter :) I’m guessing you prefer HootSuite than TweetDeck? Perhaps it’s because of its analytics? That is one thing I personally liked about Hootsuite as compared to TweetDeck back then.

      Su.pr is cool if you’re wanting to submit your site to StumbleUpon. I’ve been getting much traffic through it which is why I am still sticking with it even though the time scheduling functionality isn’t to my liking. It also tells you the number of clicks you’ve received so you’ll have some sort of analytics there :)

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