2 comments on “Dual Roles in Companies: Unrealistic or Overly Idealistic?

  1. I totally agree with you that start-ups(small companies) and corporates utilize their man power differently. As for smaller companies, there is a constraint in budget but I also know of some staff that actually prefer to take on two roles as long they have a salary increase yet in ratio lesser than to hiring another staff. – Win win situation.
    As for bigger companies, I guess it depends on priorities. Whether the KPIs and benchmark is highly demanding. Also the field in which the company is engaged in. Some prefer to combine two sets of skills together as to compliment each other. It gets ugly only when a sales and marketing manager or the like are further requested to do something totally out of their scope;.
    Conclusion, in my opinion, as long as Bruce Wayne and Batman does not turn into Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
    Thanks for the post. Always a good read. Peace

    • LOL! I laughed when you mentioned Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Anyway, you brought up a valid point. Which is why companies have to ask themselves what is the problem / need they want to address or in other words, their priorities. With their priorities set right, they will be able to identify whether they need a Batman or a Bruce Wayne in their organization or if a special situation permits, maybe both. Thanks for sharing!

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