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  1. These are all great points Jan.

    One thing I’ve been noticing is how companies have not been using social media to their advantage. They just place a Facebook or Twitter icon on a magazine ad or TV commercial and leave it at that. No incentive or explanation why it would advantageous to “like” or “follow” them.

    I think people are a lot more savvy these days. Also, companies are missing out on using social media to create highly targeted ads in conjunction with creative marketing opportunities to further promote their brands. They just expect people to come for no reason. What do you think?


    • Hi Alan, you’ve brought out some very obvious yet amazing points! I too have been noticing similar occurrences where Facebook and Twitter icons are simply plastered without any apparent meaning. I would think that many companies think that people will automatically be inclined to visit their page – a similar occurrence when website URLs are published without any descriptions. To make things worse, some URLs can go http://www.thisismyawesomecompanyname.com and no one knows what the company does, let alone visit it. One of the worst I’ve ever seen has to be this.

      I think that companies are missing the mark on targeted ads because many feel that it is a waste, especially when the Internet is global. You’ve 600 million users on Facebook, why target the 10,000 in your community? This mentality has definitely caused many potential social media campaigns to fall for a simple reason – it does not cater to anyone. I agree with you a 100%. A targeted ad can be a whole lot more effective (and cost less, too!).

      Sometimes I wonder what drives such mentality. Would you think that it has to do with culture? Or is it just bad business sense?

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights, Alan.

      • Wow, talk about a big FAIL. I can’t imagine the thinking behind just placing a “Join us on Facebook” logo on a menu and then not even have a Facebook page? Someone really dropped the ball on that one! But, for sure, if you’re going to ask people to join you online (using offline media) having a URL or message is essential.

        I feel that maybe businesses just aren’t as smart when it comes to online media. In the old days, you’d just create a TV commercial, radio or newspaper ad and get it out to millions of people without any real tangible results.

        They think, there are 600 million users on Facebook, let’s create this ad and post it online and everyone will see it. But people interact differently online, they pick and choose what they want to see and read. Thus, what, how, and where you present an ad, coupon, etc. is very important if you want them to engage with your brand. We, as consumers are in control somewhat and companies better cater to us or we’re not going to really care.

        Sorry if I rambled too much and hope that made sense!


        • I know! Things like these are supposedly a giveaway. Doesn’t take a professional marketer to look into areas such as these.
          That’s very true. Not only people interact differently online, I think that people are generally smarter these days. No longer people buy because of an ad – they look for reasons to buy / not buy from you and the Internet makes research easier for them. Very well said and well thought of, Alan.
          If that’s a ramble I don’t know how much more insights can come out of a non-ramble haha :)

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