4 comments on “#SocialMedia Lessons from Traffic Lights. Yes, Traffic Lights

  1. Niiiice, I was wondering, I was skeptical, I was dubious, but you did it – you pulled a social media analogy out of traffic lights!

    Go Jan!

    And you’re quite right- however, I always look at orange lights as “go faster” ;)

    In the red lights – be productive and learn. You can’t do much else anway!

    In the green lights, make hay while the sun shines.

    And in the orange lights, prepare for the red, so you can be most productive!

    • Haha! You made it sound like a news report / announcement :) Glad you found it interesting. I must admit it was a little difficult to pen down my thoughts on this topic initially. Orange lights as “go faster”, huh? Haha! I think that is true to many even over here! Thank you for the great additional yet so simple advice. I think it cannot get any simpler that that – the importance of maximizing your potential at each “light”. Thanks for sharing, Kiera :)

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