2 comments on “Brand Focus #9: Mobile and Facebook Integration for Your #SocialMedia Marketing Campaign [Carrefour Malaysia]

  1. Nice article Jan. #WHOlah isn’t just limited to Raya but should be something long term. The fact that Carrefour did it in the first place shows how progressive and out of the box they actually are. Also that it transcended just social media shows the effectiveness of a well thought out campaign. It builds fans, engagement, loyalty and adds a little coolness factor to the worlds #2 supermarket brand.

    • Hey Verne, I agree that it should not be just limited to Raya. If I’m not mistaken, there’s a follow up campaign too, right? It is interesting to see Carrefour taking the lead and initiative as compared to other hypermarkets in Malaysia. It may not be huge and all but this may be just the thing the industry needs to see the move of social media in Malaysia.

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