2 comments on “Brand Focus #4: Using #SocialMedia for an Offline #Marketing Campaign

  1. I agree that they did a good job of gaining your attention but their follow-up was horrible. The fact that you had to spend time trying to find out who he was, why he was doing it and so forth was a complete failure on the campaign.

    It’s great that they got your attention/curiosity but if you can’t hold it and give people a reason to stick around, the message will just get lost.

    • Well said, Alan. They could have at least have a platform to gather all curious cats (like myself) and unveil the true identity of @the_officeguy when the time is right IF they were thinking of keeping it mysterious. That way, they can also build their database and identify who is interested and also measure the success of the campaign.
      It is just as you said – they gave no reason to stick around. Following them on Twitter did not bring value which leaves only 1 thing to do next – forget about them.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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