9 comments on “A Daily Race Against Time

  1. Jan,
    It seems a lot of fashion designer are moving to having their lines viewed on line in the coming seasons. Looks like the web it where its at. Cool post

  2. Nice post… *thumbs up*… wow, those chocolates looks yummy.. :)

    Yeah, I know what you meant by lecturing since I am in the sector too.. :)

    Oh yes, was surprised and glad you drop by Tingtasy.. Miss you and your words in there.. and well, yes, you are right, green is favourite colour but it doesn’t always stay, kind of comes and goes like 4 different season… lol.. a cycle of repeating if you know what I meant.. :)

    • Hello Krislin, oh, you’re lecturing too? Where at? :)

      Haha yea I get what you mean about the colours thing – sometimes it does change according to moods and ‘seasons’ but I’m sure there is one that is exceptionally special to you?

    • Hey Rachel, thanks for dropping by! That’s an interesting suggestion. Perhaps I could try plan a chocolate giveaway or something. Is there any rule prohibiting couriering chocolates internationally though? hmmm

  3. Wow, Jan! You’re so blessed with a lot of projects! You must be really having so much fun!

    Having a chocolate project must be soooo awesome… Are they giving you freebie chocolates to try for yourself? ;)

    More beautiful things coming up for you! God bless!

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for dropping by :) Definitely having fun but it can get rather tiring at times, too! Well, no pain, no gain right? haha :)

      And yes, having a chocolate project does grant us some random tasting sessions which is all good. Still thinking if shipping chocolates overseas would be a problem. Else having a chocolate giveaway would be rather interesting, i think.

      • Lately, I`d been feel that way too. But you`re right. Everything comes with a price. No pain, no gain! ;) We gotta keep on fighting. One day our hardwork will pay off. haha

        I actually think that`s a very nice idea…People love sweet treats! Maybe you should ask local shipping companies . My Dad, when he was still working in Tokyo, used to send food packages…including chocolates. So I guess it would be okay and there wouldn`t be a problem. ;)

        • Haha yea and we shall fight for that day :)

          Hmm that’s true. I’ll try asking and see what happens. It will be fun haha.. if there’s no problem shipping from Japan, it should be okay from here, too!

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