6 comments on “Quality Over Quantity, Really?

  1. Quantity hardly matter in social media, its all about the quality of your social network, if you have few power users as friends getting eye ball to your content and spreading it is easy, doesn’t have to be superb content either

    • That’s a good one, Nishadha! I agree that having power users as friends can indeed go a long way but I also find that not everyone has the privilege of getting acquainted with power users so quickly – especially for new bloggers. I would think that having a good ‘quantity’ base (i.e. posts and followers) will lead you to opportunities in getting acquainted with power users.
      Thanks for sharing! Appreciate your thoughts and insight :)

  2. Jan

    Over and over we hear about the quality of the content and this matters but if the quality is very good but the quantity of those reading and sharing and our level of engagement is low, the quality despite playing a big role is not getting out there.

    It is not about the blog traffic, it is about attaining the goals. The traffic and back links matters to the search engines. If no one is reading, then no one is linking. If no one is sharing then the search signals are not be accounted for in the search engines.

    The goal cannot be attained per se if there is no quantity. You cannot have customers or businesses to help if they do not know you exist. Quality is a very big factor as once they do find you they want to know that you are a solid company, have built a foundation and they are making the right choice in hiring you. If you are not found, well then how can anyone hire you.

    I enjoyed this article as we hear over and over write great content and it will be found. Sure, eventually when you are out there and have a good quantity of people wanting to share and pay attention.

    • Hey Suzanne, those are amazing points to add! Goals vs. Blog traffic – That is so true. You may have the best content in the universe but if you cannot get the quantity in, the chances of your content being shared / linked are close to zero, followed by the rankings.

      I agree that many people are putting a lot of effort into producing quality content with the ‘goal’ of obtaining traffic but have no idea on how to obtain them.

      Thanks for sharing your insights, Suzanne. Definitely got me thinking a whole lot more. Glad you enjoyed the article :)

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