2 comments on “What is Beyond Buzz Marketing?

  1. Ah what a shame, such a missed opportunity.

    Sooo much you can do to create an amazing customer experience in a hair salon. And it’s especially important, as the money in a salon is made not through cuts, but through back-end product sales and repeat business.

    The basics would be a good start: polite, attentive, care of the customer.

    Having everyone on the team enrolled to provide perfect basic service every time, 100% of the time is enough to generate a really great customer experience.

    THEN they can build on it, with the wow factors, the personal service, the follow up, the invitation to take another step.

    Testing and measuring each step of the way to tweak what works for their favourite customers.

    I would bet my favourite hat that their sales would increase massively, and the salon would become one that is booked out months in advance.

    • I agree with you 101%! Hair salons have great potential in driving great customer experience as they have both service and products to impress the customers.

      You’ve pointed out tons of great points. It’s amazing how far these basics can go. Businesses have to remind themselves that it’s not the hype and wow factors that attracts customers – it’s the service itself. In this case, they had an excellent marketing plan to drive foot traffic to their salon – only to kill whatever experience that’s with a customer. A shame, really.

      I would think that’s a common problem among many businesses. They focus on the sales, marketing and financial aspect of things, overlooking the simplest aspect of all which can generate the largest impact for the business.

      Thanks for your valuable insight, Kiera! :)

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