2 comments on “Websites vs Blogs: Which is More Superior?

  1. Hi Jan. I remember the good ol’ geocities lol those days are gone! I find it quite interesting that WordPress that started off as a blog platform has become a platform for both websites and blogs, to the point that website and blogs are now together. I’m a huge WordPress fan and I’ve left the days of attempting to create sites from scratch. Like you said, it’s easy to change the look and feel of a site by just replacing the theme. Thanks for the post. All the best!

    • Hey Firas, I totally feel the same thing about geocities. During those days a geocities site was the ‘in’ thing and everyone had to have one and I still remember picking templates and getting confused with the codes. Am glad those days are gone, though! WordPress is so powerful that it can even go beyond just blogging and content dissemination. Changing themes is definitely a very, very beneficial feature especially for those that have no knowledge on HTML at all. Always great hearing from your experience. Thanks for coming by :)

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