4 comments on “4 Social Media Predictions for Malaysia 2012

  1. Nice insights Jan!
    89% Market penetration for smartphones for next year is incredibly exciting for mobile marketers!

    I actually predict a social/real life integration trend, with people searching for more “real” connections, and the ability to converse with companies more directly.

    I feel that right now, there is a digital disconnect – with businesses using Social Media as a marketing tool still, rather than as a communications tool primarily.

    • Hmm.. you’ve an excellent point there as many companies are still using social networks as a broadcasting tool, nothing social at all. I think this is also a tough one to crack as it requires much dedication and resource especially for larger corporations. Having said that somehow I feel Malaysian businesses are still not seeing past the broadcast / marketing phase yet as social media is still considered rather new among businesses here. Hopefully by integrating their marketing efforts more they’ll be able to find that.

      Thanks for your awesome thoughts, Kiera! :)

  2. One thing for sure is word of mouth marketing is getting important. A simple “Like” and “Share” button can influence a lot of people. While it seems the world go to high tech or e-marketing, we still need offline marketing. Martin Lindstrom (100 most influential marketers in the world) tells that – peer pressure still the most persuasive marketing strategy from history until today. The effect of word of mouth marketing offline is stronger than online. In order to make it work, in 2012, offline marketing is very important as well to work with online marketing.

    • I agree with you 100% on that, Kent. Offline marketing is still vital in Malaysia and it will never go out of fashion. However, there’s an increased importance in online integration to enhance existing offline efforts. Sure, a business won’t go bankrupt without an online presence but a business with it may be able to go further. The trick here is to know what can be integrated and how can it be integrated.
      Thanks for your valuable insights! :)

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