6 comments on “My 1000 Awesome Things: Waking Up Before the Alarm Goes Off [1/1000]

  1. So true! Though that waking up early & feeling refreshed before the alarm rings doesn’t happen too often for me. But well, it is awesome indeed! x

  2. I woke up early today, even before the alarm clocks did!

    Yeah, feels so good! It was really a delightful experience after yesterday. I was about to sleep at 4am {finishing projects!} when the my sisters’ alarm clock went off. It went to snooze mode and kept alarming every 5 mins . ;) I jumped out of bed and turned it off. A few minutes later, another alarm went off: the one from my other sister. It’s funny telling about it now, but I felt like I’m going crazy then.

    Thank God for beautiful mornings!

    • Haha wow, that must be a long night for you with so many alarm clocks going off at different times! We should most definitely be thankful for such mornings as I think we generally take it for granted. Nothing like a good night’s rest and waking up feeling refreshed – especially before the alarm goes off! It’s definitely a blessing from above. Thanks for sharing your experience, Cathy, and great seeing you here again :)

    • I think many can identify with you on that one. I don’t get many awesome starts myself but when it does, it IS awesome. However, there are also times where sleeping in is equally as awesome too ;)

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