4 comments on “Brand Focus #1: Importance of Linking #SocialMedia Offline Right

  1. It ought to be common sense, but what Iv’e found is a lot of business owners say they’re going to start a facebook page, or start using twitter, then it slides to the bottom of their to-do list.

    A good social media manager to get that online presence would be a real asset in these scenarios!

    • It would seem that the common sense isn’t THAT common after all! Sometimes businesses tend to overlook some of the simplest areas because it just looks so simple and at times, that is what will cost them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kiera! :)

    • Haha spot on! Maybe they thought their menu is clickable? That is definitely a huge oversight on their part. Never mind if the link isn’t there – the page doesn’t even exist. That’s a mistake any business would not want to make.

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