4 comments on “Are You Building a Ghost Town on #SocialMedia?

  1. Jan

    Love this! Just because you may not have time to tweet that day or week or month or decided to go on a social media hiatus that you “told everyone about” does not mean that new people are not looking at your Twitter stream. What is it telling them?

    I every so often go through my stream and see exactly what image is out there. Am I just sharing or am I engaging? Was it a weekend or an evening when I was watching my favorite sports team fall apart and thus my Twitter stream becomes quite decorated?

    As we all grow in the social age, we need to take a look as others see us and then wonder if we would want to connect with us.

    Such a great post!

    • Hello Suzanne!

      Thank you for sharing your story and you’ve got a great tip over there! Many times you think that “My tweets are fine” or “It will be okay”, thinking that your followers may see it the same way but that’s where you’re wrong. Taking a look at your own stream will definitely help you understand how your followers are perceiving you as. Too much sharing and no engagement may be seen as a bot. All engagement and no sharing may be seen as spam.

      Btw, when you tweet about your sports team, it almost feels like I’m watching it too! it is kinda fun haha.

      Glad you enjoyed it :)

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