8 comments on “Introducing the BufferApp – Social Media Done Right

  1. Wow, Jan, thanks a lot for the thorough reivew. It is really appreciated!

    And thanks for the kind words about me and Joel. You are absolutely right, it is a win win for both sides if we listen as we only build what people actually want and it also saves us a ton of time!

    Thanks again for going into such detail for your readers and I think there are some great tips here that I have never considered myself even to be honest. Especially that this is actually the essence of all Social Media, I couldn’t agree more, that is great wording.

    Ok Jan, let me Buffer this Jan – twice!

    Hope to speak to you more soon again, you are a fine thinker my friend! :)

    • Hey Leo, always a joy to hear from you and it is pleasure being able to pen down my experience using Buffer. I guess this is what they say about – no hard work goes unnoticed and this is very true for Buffer :)

      This is why I find social media so very fascinating. Not only it caters to everyone, both individuals and businesses, but it can also be used to such a great extend with such versatility – only through listening and engaging. Thank you for all the kind words, Leo! We shall catchup again through Twitter soon :)

      p.s. do keep me updated on all the happenings on Buffer! i don’t wanna miss them.

  2. Hi Jan,

    Very cool review! I’ve been using buffer for like, two days, and I’m loving it already! =)

    Yeah, I love how the people behind bufferapp are *REAL* people, people who actually socialize, connect, and talk to others. That’s what makes their app great! =)


    • I agree! Buffer has been great for me thus far, too! It’s one of the simplest yet useful 3rd party app I’ve used to date. I see that you’ve already connected with Leo and Joel. They’re really great people huh? Thank you so much for coming by, Gloson! It’s definitely great having you here :)

      • Thank you very much Jan! Agreed! Leo and Joel are really great guys. You’re welcome, I really enjoy your blog and your blog posts. Hope to read more from you. :)

    • Hi Gloson, thanks so much for the kind words, really glad you are already liking Buffer! Yes indeed, this is a fabulous review Jan wrote, the in depth is really great I believe :)

      Let me know if I can ever help out with any questions you have.

      • You’re most welcome, Leo! I don’t have any questions yet. I really enjoy buffer because it is simple and yet extremely useful. :) And I hope it will become a really successful app! =)

      • Leo, Leo, you never fail to amaze me! This is what it means to be listening on social media. Looks like there are many, many advocates for Buffer out there :)

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