10 comments on “How to: Manage Your Time on Social Media?

  1. This is so true, Jan! Many of us spend way too much time on social media that we become out of focused with what we really needed to do in the first place.

    Sometimes, you sit on your computer and you realize you lost your precious hours.

    I think I`m writing down my goals today and will be posting it up on my work area.

    Thanks for the reminder! ;)

    • Indeed! An innocent move of ‘checking my Facebook inbox’ can lead on to many other distractions across various social networking platforms and I would think many have fell into that one time or another (i’m guilty for that at times, too!).

      Setting a goal will definitely help! It will be great to know how it worked for you. Let me know when you’ve tried it ;)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cathy!

  2. As a VA, I do manage the social media accounts for most of my clients. Basically, this is a solution for them to be more productive so they don’t need to use up most of their time on social media and instead they can focus their time on fee income producing tasks. This is a great way to add another perspective and personality to their business.

    • Hi Ariane, that is definitely another solution to the matter! However businesses have to also be careful on who they hire to handle their social media accounts / presence. Hiring interns seem to be the ‘in-thing’ now but it has also been the downfall for many (even big brands like the recent Marc & Jacobs case). Thanks for sharing your tip!

      • Definitely, that is an advice that everyone should take note before giving one the right to access the accounts. It must also be put into consideration to only trust someone who already knows the dos and don’t in handling these social media accounts–an “experienced expert” of this field. I think it won’t take much time to ask about the individual from some references before trusting anyone of your passwords. Thanks a lot, Janwong!

        • Hi Ariane, I cannot agree more with what you’ve said. After all, the social media accounts of a business represents its ‘face’ therefore it is vital to not let it fall into the ‘wrong hands’. Thanks for the additional thoughts!

  3. @karlosn on - Reply

    I don´t check my Facebook inbox so much.. Commenting on blogs, replying to messages and also content sharing take about 3 hour a day. I´m starting in social media as consultant, for a couple of clients I will write a plan and told you!

    • Hi Karlos, thanks for sharing! At times 3 hours just isn’t enough, huh? Do you have a site that I can visit? Would love to see what you’re doing :) Looking forward to hearing your plans!

  4. Janwong,
    Another great article with some great points! One thing I’ve learned when it comes to time management is to focus on the tasks you enjoy! I used to article write a lot and messed with a couple sites that I had no interest, but I thought would make a great return on investment. Bad idea! Find what you love to do online and spend time doing that! After I really let go of the “tasks” that I considered burdensome and started focusing on just making money by doing what I enjoy, I found it much easier to manage time and I became far more productive.

    Keep up the great writing. I always love the font colors you use. So unique and such a nice change to read!

    • Hi Amy, thank you for your kind words and encouragement! Hope the colors are not a pain to the eyes haha. Doing what we enjoy do make a difference! I believe that readers will be able to tell whether you’re selling or sharing – it makes a world of difference. Happy to know that you’ve identified your passion. Making money doing what you enjoy is the best combination ever and you’re already reaping the results :)

      Thanks for sharing your experience and insights, Amy! It’s always great hearing from you. It served as a reminder for me, too!

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