How to integrate twitter into your business

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I’m Jan Wong – the owner and the writer of what you’re seeing on this site. is all about online marketing, from online positioning to marketing ideas, to even observations of what existing brands and businesses are doing online. You will also find some personal stories written based on my experience as a growing entrepreneur that may help or inspire you in one way or another.

Truth be told, Twitter changed my life entirely as I was able to connect with some of the greatest minds from all around including Aaron Lee, Mark Schaefer, Prasant Naidu, Margie Clayman, Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich from Buffer and many more.

Through them I’ve learnt that Twitter is not about sharing what you ate this morning or where you’re heading off to later, it’s about how you can play a part in this global ecosystem of great minds as a contributor than a stalker (it makes a difference!).

Okay, that’s enough about me for now. Since you came from Twitter, I figured some of the posts below may be helpful to you, especially if you’re just getting started on this powerful platform.

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How to Create a Custom Twitter Background in 3 Simple Steps!

Why Should Your Business Integrate Twitter as a Social Media Strategy

Real Life Integrations of Twitter into Businesses Worldwide

click to download the #newtwitter photoshop templatep.s. Here is a little something for you: a Photoshop template I created to assist you in creating your very own custom #NewTwitter background! If you need a little more help to work on it, click here!

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